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Family name Species nameLocationLink to record
RubiaceaeCatunaregam taylorii Record (with image)
CombretaceaeCombretum hereroense subsp. hereroense Record (with image)
CombretaceaeCombretum paniculatum Record (with image)
RubiaceaeCrossopteryx febrifuga Record (with image)
Fabaceae subfamily CaesalpinioideaeCryptosepalum maraviense Record (with image)
EbenaceaeDiospyros squarrosa Record (with image)
MeliaceaeEkebergia benguelensis Record (with image)
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeErythrina baumii Record (with image)
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeErythrina latissima Record (with image)
Fabaceae subfamily PapilionoideaeErythrina sp. 1 Record (with image)
ProteaceaeFaurea rochetiana Record (with image)
MoraceaeFicus burkei Record (with image)
SalicaceaeFlacourtia indica Record (with image)
ClusiaceaeGarcinia buchananii Record (with image)
Malvaceae subfamily GrewioideaeGrewia decemovulata Record (with image)
RubiaceaeHymenodictyon floribundum Record (with image)
Apocynaceae subfamilies Apocynoideae and RauvolfioideaeLandolphia owariensis Record (with image)
AnacardiaceaeLannea edulis var. edulis Record (with image)
SantalaceaeOsyris lanceolata Record (with image)
AnacardiaceaeOzoroa reticulata LusakaRecord (with image)
RubiaceaePavetta schumanniana Record (with image)
PhyllanthaceaePhyllanthus engleri Record (with image)
RubiaceaePsydrax livida Record (with image)
LamiaceaeRotheca luembensis subsp. luembensis var. luembensis Record (with image)
RubiaceaeRothmannia engleriana Record (with image)
RubiaceaeTapiphyllum velutinum LusakaRecord (with image)
BignoniaceaeTecomaria capensis subsp. capensis Record (with image)

Number of records found: 27

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