The following is a list of abbreviations used in this work.

Abbreviation Description
± more or less
0 absent
aff. affinis: akin to
agg. aggregate species
auct. auctorum: of authors, but not of the original author
BOL Bolus Herbarium, University of Cape Town, South Africa
C Central Division of Zimbabwe
c. circa: about
cf. confer: comparable with; compare
CL Communal Land
cm centimetre(s)
conf. confirmed by
det. determined by
Distr. District (plural: Distrs)
E Eastern Division of Zimbabwe
ed. editor
emend. emendatus: emended
et al. et alii: and others
f. (following an author's name): filius: son
f. (a taxonomic rank): forma: form
FE Flora of Ethiopia
fig. figure
fl. flower (plural: fls)
Fm Farm
fr. fruit (plural: frs)
FSA Flora of Southern Africa
FTEA Flora of Tropical East Africa
FZ Flora Zambesiaca
GHS Government Herbarium Salisbury (referred to in the numbering system of SRGH)
Gt Great
hort. hortulanorum: of gardeners
in litt. in litteris: in correspondence
ined. ineditus: not yet formally published
infl. inflorescence (plural: infls)
Is Islands
K The Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England
lf leaf (plural: lvs)
lfless leafless
lflet leaflet (plural: lflets)
lfy leafy
m metre(s)
mm millimetre(s)
MAH Mark Andrew Hyde
Mt Mount
Mtn Mountain
N Northern Division of Zimbabwe
NBG Compton Herbarium, National Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa.
NE North-east
NP National Park
NR Nature Reserve
nr near
nom. illegit. nomen illegitimum: latin for illegitimate name
nom. nud. nomen nudum: latin for naked name, a name published without a description of the taxon
NW North-west
opp. opposite
p. page
p.p. pro parte: in part, partly
PA Purchase Area
per. seg. perianth segment (plural: per. segs)
pers. comm. personal communication
pl. plural
pp. pages
PRE National Herbarium, Botanical Research Institute, Pretoria, South Africa
q.v. quod vide: which see
R. River
Rd Road
RP Recreational Park
RS Research Station
S Southern Division of Zimbabwe
s.l. sensu lato: in the broad sense
s.n. sine numero: (of herbarium specimen) without a collector’s number
s.o. seen only: (referring to a plant record) i.e. without a specimen being collected
s.s. sensu stricto: in the strict sense
SE South-east
sp. species (plural: spp.)
SRGH National Herbarium, Harare (Southern Rhodesia Government Herbarium)
subsp. subspecies (plural: subspp.)
SW South-west
UKWF Agnew and Agnew (1994)
var. varietas: variety
vol. volume
W Western Division of Zimbabwe

Copyright: Mike Bingham, Annette Willemen, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Mark Hyde, 2011-24

Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2024). Flora of Zambia: Abbreviations., retrieved 19 May 2024

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