Location: Greystone Nature Preserve, Harare

Image 1

Photo: Bart Wursten
View over the Wenwick Dam; the dam wall (not visible) is on the right of the photographer. The dam level was high on this date.

Image 2

Photo: Bart Wursten
Stream flowing through riverine forest below the dam. The stream runs throughout the year leading to permanently moist conditions even in the dry season.

Image 3

Photo: Bart Wursten
Stream below the dam, in very wet condition. One of the possibly naturalised specimens of Dracaena steudneri is visible in the picture.

Image 4

Photo: Bart Wursten
View of a temporary dramatic overflow stream arising in the very wet conditions at the time.

Image 5

Photo: Bart Wursten
Notice board

Image 6

Photo: Bart Wursten
Another picture of the forest below the dam

Image 7

Photo: Bart Wursten
View of ferns in the riverine vegetation.

General Information

Quarter degree square: 1731C1

Country: Zimbabwe

Habitat: Seasonally moist open grassland, wooded grassland and riverine fringes.

Altitude range: c.1470 m

Annual rainfall:

Location (short):

Location (detailed):


The Greystone Nature Preserve is the splendid result of a commendable private initiative by a group of residents to preserve a green-belt area in their suburb. The area is situated around and below the Wenwick Dam in North-eastern Harare. It is open to visitors, who can enjoy the plant- and bird-life on well maintained walking trails. Interesting herbaceous species, such as Brachystelma chloranthum (Asclepiadaceae), Floscopa glomerata (Commelinaceae) and Orthochilus mechowii (Orchidaceae), can be found in the open habitats, while ancient specimens of Celtis africana (Ulmaceae) are among the trees below the dam. However, one of the most interesting aspects of this urban oasis is the wide scala of exotic species, which seem to have been able to establish themselves in this area. Numerous trees, shrubs, climbers and herbs, which are rarely, if ever, recorded as naturalised escapes, here form a rich and varied almost mature ecological system.

Greystone Nature Preserve Association

This voluntary association is responsible for the management of the Preserve. Contact details are as follows:

  1. Chairman: Roger Fairlie. Tel: + 263 242 883119 or + 263 733 431507. Email: roger@cause4concernzim.com
  2. Warden: Neil Fairlie. Tel. + 263 772 904537. Email: nkfairlie@gmail.com

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