Craterosiphon quarrei Staner

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Records of this taxon from Zambia are shown in the table below. Cases where the taxon is native, naturalised, possibly planted or definitely planted are all listed.

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Record number No of images Record date Recorder(s) Coll. Det. Conf. Herbaria Habitat Location Loc code(s) Outing code Planted code Country QDS Grid ref. FZ Div Admin prov Alt. (m) Notes Lat Long Loc Acc Code
81563009 Nov 1955DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe
Seedlings of Kafundansofo, 6 months old from forest nursery.0Zambia 00
81553027 Dec 1937EWB Milne-Redhead
EWB Milne-Redhead
Luao River0Zambia0829D2 NLp0Scrambler to 20 ft. Fruits brownish-orange.-8.58333329.8333335
81566018 Aug 1959RM Lawton
RM Lawton
F White
Mbesuma, Chambeshi0Zambia0830C2 NN0Climber ... [illeg.]-8.71666730.4166675
81554012 Mar 1955HM Richards
HM Richards
N: Mbala District; Inona (Inono) R.0Zambia0831C3 NN914-8.83333331.1666675
81555012 Mar 1955HM Richards
HM Richards
Riverine forest.Inono stream. 0Zambia0831C3 NN914In sandy soil tall tree 30 ft. Bark corky, stem rough. Leaves glabrous has a glutinous latex in centre of young stem [incorrect observation?]. Also grows Chilogowilo Gardens.-8.83333331.1666675
81557020 Oct 1947JPM Brenan
JPM Brenan
Mbala District; In the garden of Misses Gamwells' house between Mpulungu and Mbala.0Zambia0831C3 NN0A native tree about 25 ft. high with dark brown rough bark, a long dense oblong crown of drooping branchlets. Leaves subcoriaceous, deep green and rather glossy above, pale glaucous green beneath with prominent pale green midrib and not raised but darker green lat. nerves, margins narrowly recurved. Flowers yellowish-green. Young fruits ellipsoid, greenish.-8.80000031.2333334
81574026 Mar 1944 Gamwell's Farm, near their house, about 14 miles from Mbala on the Mpulungu Road.0Zambia0831C3 NN1463Tree, 25 feet high. Kilungu Name: Mkole.-8.80000031.2333334
81556012 Sep 1960HM Richards
HM Richards
Burnt woody woodland.Mbala District; Kambole Escarpment. At top of escarpment, above Kambole. 0Zambia0831C4 NN1800Small tree. Calyx lobes dark green. Sepals pale green.-8.83333331.3833335
81565001 Sep 1952AH Gamwell
AH Gamwell
Mbala District; Stony ground on hillside.0Zambia0831C4 NN0Bark cork like flowers yellow inside green outside, evergreen.-8.83333331.3833335
81567014 Sep 1962RM Lawton
RM Lawton

Mbale District; Mbala. Lunzua River.0Zambia0831C4 NN0Climber. Tubular sweet scented flowers greenish-p6, a5+5, in mushitu with Monopetalanthus.-8.83333331.3833335
81572016 Sep 1961DEF Vesey-Fitzgerald
DEF Vesey-Fitzgerald
Hillside, slope below escarpment.Chilongowelo. Mbala District;0Zambia0831C4 NN1524Stout tree 40 ft. Bark with massive corky ridges. Flowers white. Not common, and not at all widespread.-8.88333331.2500005
81573010 Oct 1963SB Boaler
Sandy red soil. Middle slope (10 m above lake). Woodland of Brach. florib.Garden of Mr. Vesey-Fitzgerald, shore of L. Chila, Mbale. [Possibly cultivated]. 1Zambia0831C4 NN1670Underwood tree 4 m. Bark brown corky, square reticulate. Flowers yellow-green, sweet smelling. Rare.-8.83333331.3833335
81551030 Oct 1952F White
F White
Parinari excelsa forest on slopes leading down to small stream.District; Kawambwa. N. (Kaw.): 19 km S of Kawambwa. Growing in Parinari excelsa forest on slopes leading down to small stream.0Zambia0929D4 NLp0Weak stemmed shrub 3 m high. Infested by ants which make small nests of earth on branchlets.-9.96666729.8333335
81550023 Sep 1952F White
F White
Growing in evergreen forest on well drained sandy alluvium overlying graniteMwinilunga District; Growing in evergreen forest on well drained sandy alluvium overlying granite, near Zambezi River, 4 miles west of Kalene Hill Mission.0Zambia1124A1 WNw0Small evergreen tree 6 m high with dense crown and slender drooping branches.-11.18333324.1833335
81558021 Sep 1952A Angus
A Angus
F White
In evergreen fringing forest.Mwinilunga District; Zambezi R., 6 km N of Kalene Hill.0Zambia1124A1 WNw0Climber with v. prominent conspicuous pale brown lenticels on purplish bark. Leaves longly acuminate. Sterile.-11.11666724.1833335
75411109 Dec 2010MG Bingham
MG Bingham
Mwinilunga District, Hillwood 0Zambia1124A4 WNw1402-11.25000024.3133334
81568028 Feb 1995B Luwiika
B Luwiika
B Luwiika
Miombo woodlandMwinilunga District; Ikelenge; Kavunga Protected Forest Area; adjacent to Hillwood Farms' Nchila Wildlife Reserve at Hillwood Farms; ca. 3.5 km E of Ikelenge. 1520Zambia1124A4 WNw1350Tree; ca. 7 m tall; in woodland; bark greyish-black; fruit light brown, single-seeded; leaves alternate, dark green, smooth adaxially, light green abaxially.-11.25944424.3261115
81570001 Sep 1924CG Trapnell
CG Trapnell
Loamy Kalahari sandMwinilunga District; Kanndia [illeg.], of loamy Kalahari sand on Congo-Zambezi watershed.0Zambia1124C4 WNw1372Bark corky, deeply corrugated, a25, fr. small. Tree of branching habit.-11.75000024.4333334
81547023 Sep 1911TCE Fries
TCE Fries

Bangweulu (Bangweolo), Lake Mano.1120Zambia1129B3 WCb0-11.43333329.5500005
81569017 Nov 1964JM Mutimushi
JM Mutimushi
Samfya, Lake Basin Chipya.0Zambia1129B3 WCb0Woody climber. Thickets to 20'h. Leaves ovate-acuminate. Thick, smooth, dark green above, yellowish below. Stems spotted white, y. fruits green, flattened, oblong.-11.35000029.5500004
81552003 Jan 1960F White
F White
F White
Woodland on slope leading down to dambo.Ndola. Masansa Forest Reserve. 0Zambia1227B4 WCb0Small tree 15 ft. high.-12.46666727.9166675
81559023 Sep 1952DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe
Chingola District0Zambia1227D2 WCb0Fruits dark brown, elliptical.-12.53333327.8500005
81561003 Aug 1954DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe
Plateau woodland.Kitwe0Zambia1228C3 WCb015' tree; fls. in bud, pale green in axill. fascicles.-12.80000028.2000005
81548025 Sep 1937OB Miller
OB Miller
B.S.A. Coys house. Ndola.0Zambia1228D3 WCb0-12.96666728.6333335
81549010 Sep 1938PJ Greenway
PJ Greenway
Ndola.0Zambia1228D3 WCb1280A much branched evergreen tree up to 25 ft. tall with somewhat drooping branches, rough longitudinally fissured grey bark and small white long tubular flowers. Scattered in grey sand loam.-12.96666728.6333335
81560017 May 1954DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe
Ndola.0Zambia1228D3 WCb015' tree, 3" dia of plateau woodland. leaves thick leathery, brittle, margin revolute, glaucescent below-fr. in term inflor. oblong-globose. Fruit yellow brown, warty, dry fleshy.-12.96666728.6333335
81562020 Sep 1954DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe
Ndola.0Zambia1228D3 WCb020'tree, 6" diam. of plateau woodland-leaves leathery, glaucous below, flowers greenish yellow, long campanulate -- clustered in axils or below lvs. strongly scented. Flowers greenish-yellow.-12.96666728.6333335
815640 DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe
Ndola.0Zambia1228D3 WCb0-12.96666728.6333335
81571029 Apr 1905CG Trapnell
CG Trapnell
Stony Hill crest above Chysyr ForestNdola. Stony Hill crest above Chysyr Forest remains in the Ndd. township.0Zambia1228D3 WCb1280Corky barked small evergreen tree. Same as Trapnell 1800, 1583. Leaves eaten green by natives a "relish".-12.96666728.6333335
75409215 Sep 2010MG Bingham
MG Bingham
MG Bingham

Miombo woodland. Mkushi District, Forest Inn. 0Zambia1329C1 CC1200Scandent. Drupes yellow. -13.72333329.1566675

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