Checklist: Sapotaceae



This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are either purely cultivated or which are wild species which do not occur in Zambia have been excluded.

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Kupicha, F.K. (1983) Sapotaceae Flora Zambesiaca 7(1)   
NamesFZ Divisions
6364.000 POUTERIA Aubl.  
ANINGERIA Aubrév. & Pellegr.  
Pouteria adolfi-friedericii (Engl.) A. Meeuse
subsp. australis (J.H. Hemsl.) L. Gaut. E
Aningeria adolfi-friedericii (Engl.) Robyns & Gilbert
Sideroxylon adolfi-friederici Engl.
Pouteria altissima (A.Chev.) Baehni N
6371.000 SYNSEPALUM (A. DC.) Daniell  
PACHYSTELA Pierre ex Engl.  
Synsepalum brevipes (Baker f.) T.D. Penn. N,W
Chrysophyllum cinereum Engl.
Chrysophyllum stuhlmannii Engl.
Pachystela brevipes Baker) Engl.
Pachystela cinerea (Engl.) Engl.
Pouteria brevipes (Baker) Baehni
Sideroxylon brevipes Baker
Synsepalum cerasiferum (Welw.) T.D. Penn. N,W
Afrosersalisia cerasifera (Welw.) Aubrév.
Chrysophyllum disaco Hiern
Sapota cerasifera Welw.
Synsepalum passargei (Engl.) T.D. Penn. N,W
Vincentella passargei (Engl.) Aubrév.
Chrysophyllum bangweolense R.E.Fr. [LR-lc]B,N,W,C,E
Austrogambeya bangweolensis (R.E. Fr.) Aubrév. & Pellegrin
Chrysophyllum cacondense Greves
Chrysophyllum gorungosanum Engl. N,E
Chrysophyllum boivinianum auct.
Chrysophyllum fulvum S. Moore
Chrysophyllum welwitschii Engl. W
6377.020 ENGLEROPHYTUM K. Krause  
Englerophytum magalismontanum (Sond.) T.D. Penn. B,N,W,C,E,S
Bequaertiodendron magalismontanum (Sond.) Heine & J.H. Hemsl.
Chrysophyllum argyrophyllum Hiern
Chrysophyllum magalismontanum Sond.
6386.000 MIMUSOPS L.  
Mimusops zeyheri Sond. B,N,W,C,E,S
Mimusops decorifolia S. Moore
Mimusops monroi S. Moore
6386.010 MANILKARA Adans.  
Manilkara mochisia (Baker) Dubard C,E,S
Manilkara macaulayae Hutch. & Corbishley
Manilkara umbraculigera Hutch. &  Corbishley
Mimusops mochisia Baker
Mimusops umbraculigera Hutch. & Corbishley
Manilkara obovata (Sabine & G.Don) J.H.Hemsl.

Copyright: Mike Bingham, Annette Willemen, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Mark Hyde, 2011-23

Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2023). Flora of Zambia: Checklist: Sapotaceae., retrieved 25 September 2023

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