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The following are the 25 most recent species added, amended or updated. Click on the species name to go to the species page or click on a thumbnail to see the full image.

Date updatedSpecies nameImage
20 Apr 2021 Psychotria pumila var. pumila Psychotria pumila var. pumila
20 Apr 2021 Ximenia caffra var. caffra Ximenia caffra var. caffra
20 Apr 2021 Tephrosia acaciifolia Tephrosia acaciifolia
20 Apr 2021 Raphionacme welwitschii Raphionacme welwitschii
20 Apr 2021 Triumfetta amuletum Triumfetta amuletum
20 Apr 2021 Satyrium anomalum Satyrium anomalum
15 Apr 2021 Multidentia crassa var. ampla Multidentia crassa var. ampla
15 Apr 2021 Malaxis schliebenii Malaxis schliebenii
15 Apr 2021 Nervilia crociformis Nervilia crociformis
15 Apr 2021 Crotalaria rogersii Crotalaria rogersii
15 Apr 2021 Lannea edulis var. edulis Lannea edulis var. edulis
14 Apr 2021 Bulbine abyssinica Bulbine abyssinica
14 Apr 2021 Adenia ovata Adenia ovata
14 Apr 2021 Aeollanthus homblei Aeollanthus homblei
14 Apr 2021 Adenia goetzei Adenia goetzei
14 Apr 2021 Chlorophytum subpetiolatum Chlorophytum subpetiolatum
14 Apr 2021 Commiphora glandulosa Commiphora glandulosa
09 Mar 2021 Habenaria galactantha Habenaria galactantha
02 Mar 2021 Searsia pyroides var. gracilis Searsia pyroides var. gracilis
28 Feb 2021 Rhynchosia stipitata Rhynchosia stipitata
27 Feb 2021 Humularia descampsii var. abercornensis Humularia descampsii var. abercornensis
25 Feb 2021 Thesium goetzeanum Thesium goetzeanum
13 Feb 2021 Monsonia senegalensis Monsonia senegalensis
05 Jan 2021 Pleurolobus salicifolius var. salicifolius Pleurolobus salicifolius var. salicifolius
03 Jan 2021 Lactuca calophylla Lactuca calophylla

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Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2021). Flora of Zambia: Recently updated species., retrieved 23 April 2021

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