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The following are the 25 most recent species added, amended or updated. Click on the species name to go to the species page or click on a thumbnail to see the full image.

Date updatedSpecies nameImage
29 Sep 2021 Microcoelia hirschbergii Microcoelia hirschbergii
23 Sep 2021 Jasminum dichotomum Jasminum dichotomum
30 Aug 2021 Dichaetanthera erici-rosenii Dichaetanthera erici-rosenii
30 Aug 2021 Faurea rochetiana Faurea rochetiana
30 Aug 2021 Thonningia sanguinea Thonningia sanguinea
30 Aug 2021 Talinum tenuissimum Talinum tenuissimum
08 Aug 2021 Ischaemum afrum Ischaemum afrum
08 Jul 2021 Euclea schimperi Euclea schimperi
08 Jul 2021 Neonotonia wightii subsp. wightii var. longicauda Neonotonia wightii subsp. wightii var. longicauda
08 Jul 2021 Crotalaria anthyllopsis Crotalaria anthyllopsis
08 Jul 2021 Psychotria kirkii Psychotria kirkii
08 Jul 2021 Leucas nyassae var. nyassae Leucas nyassae var. nyassae
08 Jul 2021 Oxalis obliquifolia Oxalis obliquifolia
08 Jul 2021 Hermannia quartiniana Hermannia quartiniana
06 Jul 2021 Justicia salvioides Justicia salvioides
06 Jul 2021 Lepidagathis scariosa Lepidagathis scariosa
06 Jul 2021 Costus spectabilis Costus spectabilis
06 Jul 2021 Chlorophytum sphacelatum var. milanjianum Chlorophytum sphacelatum var. milanjianum
06 Jul 2021 Adenia goetzei Adenia goetzei
06 Jul 2021 Blepharis tenuiramea Blepharis tenuiramea
06 Jul 2021 Aristolochia hockii Aristolochia hockii
23 Jun 2021 Ipomoea barteri var. barteri Ipomoea barteri var. barteri
26 May 2021 Raphionacme madiensis Raphionacme madiensis
24 May 2021 Ceropegia arenarioides Ceropegia arenarioides
17 May 2021 Sesamum alatum Sesamum alatum

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