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The following are the 25 most recent species added, amended or updated. Click on the species name to go to the species page or click on a thumbnail to see the full image.

Date updatedSpecies nameImage
31 Jan 2023 Ipomoea asarifolia Ipomoea asarifolia
28 Jan 2023 Euphorbia matabelensis Euphorbia matabelensis
28 Jan 2023 Euphorbia cooperi var. calidicola Euphorbia cooperi var. calidicola
28 Jan 2023 Euphorbia fortissima No image
28 Jan 2023 Scoparia dulcis Scoparia dulcis
28 Jan 2023 Euphorbia ingens Euphorbia ingens
28 Jan 2023 Colophospermum mopane Colophospermum mopane
27 Jan 2023 Crotalaria rhodesiae Crotalaria rhodesiae
22 Dec 2022 Platycoryne trilobata Platycoryne trilobata
22 Dec 2022 Psydrax livida Psydrax livida
22 Dec 2022 Nervilia crociformis Nervilia crociformis
22 Dec 2022 Tricalysia coriacea subsp. nyassae Tricalysia coriacea subsp. nyassae
20 Dec 2022 Monadenium pseudoracemosum var. lorifolium Monadenium pseudoracemosum var. lorifolium
20 Dec 2022 Gerbera viridifolia subsp. viridifolia Gerbera viridifolia subsp. viridifolia
20 Dec 2022 Habenaria subarmata Habenaria subarmata
20 Dec 2022 Maerua juncea subsp. juncea Maerua juncea subsp. juncea
15 Dec 2022 Eulophia norlindhii Eulophia norlindhii
15 Dec 2022 Dolichos lualabensis subsp. ufipaensis Dolichos lualabensis subsp. ufipaensis
15 Dec 2022 Elaeodendron matabelicum Elaeodendron matabelicum
15 Dec 2022 Eulophia streptopetala Eulophia streptopetala
04 Dec 2022 Vitex mombassae Vitex mombassae
04 Dec 2022 Rubus rigidus Rubus rigidus
04 Dec 2022 Vernonia gerberiformis subsp. macrocyanus Vernonia gerberiformis subsp. macrocyanus
04 Dec 2022 Pentanisia schweinfurthii Pentanisia schweinfurthii
04 Dec 2022 Rhynchosia resinosa Rhynchosia resinosa

Copyright: Mike Bingham, Annette Willemen, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Mark Hyde, 2011-23

Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2023). Flora of Zambia: Recently updated species., retrieved 1 February 2023

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