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The following are the 25 most recent species added, amended or updated. Click on the species name to go to the species page or click on a thumbnail to see the full image.

Date updatedSpecies nameImage
23 Mar 2018 Hermannia eenii Hermannia eenii
22 Mar 2018 Euphorbia mossambicensis Euphorbia mossambicensis
22 Mar 2018 Zehneria marlothii Zehneria marlothii
22 Mar 2018 Pleiotaxis eximia subsp. eximia Pleiotaxis eximia subsp. eximia
19 Mar 2018 Impatiens hydrogetonoides subsp. hydrogetonoides Impatiens hydrogetonoides subsp. hydrogetonoides
18 Mar 2018 Mirabilis jalapa Mirabilis jalapa
17 Mar 2018 Tephrosia purpurea subsp. leptostachya Tephrosia purpurea subsp. leptostachya
17 Mar 2018 Pavetta lasiopeplus Pavetta lasiopeplus
15 Mar 2018 Centrostigma clavatum Centrostigma clavatum
15 Mar 2018 Habenaria edgarii Habenaria edgarii
15 Mar 2018 Habenaria cornuta Habenaria cornuta
15 Mar 2018 Radinosiphon leptostachya Radinosiphon leptostachya
15 Mar 2018 Eulophia gonychila Eulophia gonychila
15 Mar 2018 Brachycorythis ovata subsp. welwitschii Brachycorythis ovata subsp. welwitschii
15 Mar 2018 Habenaria macroplectron Habenaria macroplectron
15 Mar 2018 Disa aequiloba Disa aequiloba
15 Mar 2018 Disperis breviloba Disperis breviloba
15 Mar 2018 Bulbophyllum expallidum Bulbophyllum expallidum
11 Mar 2018 Caperonia fistulosa Caperonia fistulosa
09 Mar 2018 Ampelocissus obtusata subsp. obtusata Ampelocissus obtusata subsp. obtusata
08 Mar 2018 Fadogia tomentosa var. tomentosa Fadogia tomentosa var. tomentosa
08 Mar 2018 Crinum carolo-schmidtii Crinum carolo-schmidtii
07 Mar 2018 Stipagrostis hirtigluma subsp. patula Stipagrostis hirtigluma subsp. patula
01 Mar 2018 Chamaecrista falcinella var. parviflora Chamaecrista falcinella var. parviflora
28 Feb 2018 Aeschynomene cristata var. cristata Aeschynomene cristata var. cristata

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Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2018). Flora of Zambia: Recently updated species., retrieved 24 March 2018

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