Checklist: Thymelaeaceae



This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are either purely cultivated or which are wild species which do not occur in Zambia have been excluded.

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Peddiea africana
Peterson, B. (1978) Thymelaeaceae Flora of Tropical East Africa   
Peterson, B. (updated by Verdcourt, B.) (2006) Thymelaeaceae Flora Zambesiaca 9(3)   
NamesFZ Divisions
Craterosiphon quarrei Staner N,W,C
5434.000 PEDDIEA Harv. ex Hook.  
Peddiea fischeri Engl. N,W,C
5435.000 GNIDIA L.  
Gnidia chrysantha (Solms ex Schweinf.) Gilg B,N,W,C,E,S
Arthrosolen chrysanthus Solms
Gnidia miniata R.E. Fr.
Gnidia dumicola S.Moore B,W
Gnidia glauca (Fresen.) Gilg
var. glauca N
Gnidia eriocephala Meisn.
Gnidia volkensii Gilg
Lasiosiphon eriocephalus (Meisn.) Decne.
Lasiosiphon glaucus Fresen.
Gnidia goetzeana Gilg N,W,C
Gnidia gossweileri (S.Moore) B.Peterson
subsp. petersonii Verdc. W
Gnidia involucrata Steud. ex A. Rich. B,N,W,C,E,S
Gnidia buchananii Gilg
Gnidia huillensis Gilg
Gnidia leiantha Gilg
Gnidia macrorrhiza Gilg
Gnidia mittuorum Gilg
Gnidia ringoetii De Wild. & Ledoux
Gnidia schweinfurthii Gilg
Gnidia kraussiana Meisn.
var. kraussiana B,N,W,C,E,S
Gnidia djurica Gilg
Gnidia hoepfneriana Vatke ex Gilg
Gnidia kerstingii (H. Pearson) Engl.
Gnidia kraussii (Meisn.) De Wild.
Gnidia rorida (S. Moore) Eyles
Gnidia usinjensis Gilg
Lasiosiphon affinis Kotschy & Peyr.
Lasiosiphon guineensis A. Chev.
Lasiosiphon hoepfnerianus (Vatke ex Gilg) H. Pearson
Lasiosiphon kerstingii H. Pearson
Lasiosiphon kraussianus (Meisn.) Burtt Davy
Lasiosiphon kraussii Meisn.
Lasiosiphon roridus S. Moore
Gnidia kraussiana Meisn.
var. mollissima (E.A.Bruce) A.Robyns N,W
Gnidia microcephala Meisn. N
Arthrosolen microcephalus (Meisn.) E. Phillips
Arthrosolen pimeleoides Meisn.
Gnidia phyllodinea S. Moore
Gnidia thomsonii H. Pearson
Gnidia mollis C.H. Wright N
Gnidia wittei Staner

Copyright: Mike Bingham, Annette Willemen, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Mark Hyde, 2011-23

Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2023). Flora of Zambia: Checklist: Thymelaeaceae., retrieved 11 December 2023

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