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The following is a list of the records made by James Whellan in species name order. The records are of species which occur in Zambia (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
39831Abrodictyum rigidum06 Sep 1966JA Whellan
JA Whellan 2279 SRGH
River bank in deep shade below Haroni GorgeHaroni Gorge, Chimanimani0Zimbabwe2033A1E0

39833Abrodictyum rigidum09 Apr 1958JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1529 SRGH
Bundi river source, Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E1830

Fronds erect

115480Abutilon englerianum Jun 1961JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1846 SRGH
Waste groundHatfield Road, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Tall, 8 ft, much-branched herb with handsome bright yellow flowers.

48841Adiantum incisum31 May 1949JA Whellan
JA Whellan 408 SRGH
Rock crevices above Mashunganyendi poolNunyani River, Lomagundi, Makonde district.0Zimbabwe1630A4N0

48857Adiantum incisum08 May 1955JA Whellan
JA Whellan 846 SRGH
Msengesi Camp, Darwin district0Zimbabwe1730C4C1220

48929Adiantum lunulatum29 Jan 1948JA Whellan
JA Whellan 294 SRGH
In dense shade on bank of streamSipolilo, Lomagundi district0Zimbabwe1630D1N0

115060Aerva lanata15 Aug 1971LC Leach
JA Whellan
LC Leach JA Whellan 14812 SRGH
Little Malosa River near foot of Mt Mulanje.0Malawi1635B1S830

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 9, part 1 (1988).

5462Alepidea peduncularis03 Mar 1956RM Davies
JA Whellan
RM Davies JA Whellan 985 SRGH
Summit ridge, Mt Nyangani0Zimbabwe1832D4E2440

24496Arthropteris orientalis09 May 1955JA Whellan
JA Whellan 882 SRGH
Shady rocky streamsideDarwin, Umsengezi camp0Zimbabwe1631C1N1125

35639Asplenium erectum Sep 1961JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1854 SRGH
Chirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

52411Christella chaseana12 Aug 1951JA Whellan
JA Whellan 535 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Kariangwe spring, sebungwe district0Zimbabwe1727D3N0

84559Crotalaria alexandri07 Apr 1957JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1217 SRGH
Deciduous woodlandHatfield, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

30211Cyathea dregei28 Oct 1957JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1433 SRGH
Inyanga, Juliasdale0Zimbabwe1832B3E1520

22550Dicranopteris linearis09 Jun 1950JA Whellan
JA Whellan 434 SRGH
Chipinga, Chibudzana falls0Zimbabwe2032B1E0

22388Equisetum ramosissimum subsp. ramosissimum19 Sep 1963JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1041 SRGH
Kariba, Binga0Zimbabwe1727D2N0

22390Equisetum ramosissimum subsp. ramosissimum10 May 1955JA Whellan
JA Whellan 887 SRGH
Rock crevices on Umsengesi R. bank above gorgeDarwin, Umsengesi river (Musengezi river?)0Zimbabwe1631D3N915

69045Euphorbia oatesii Oct 1948JA Whellan
JA Whellan 390 SRGH
Chebira Hot Spring, Binga District0Zimbabwe1827B2W980

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 9 part 5: 387 (2001)

77280Hippocratea indica14 Aug 1951JA Whellan
JA Whellan 514 NKB Robson SRGH
In mopane woodlandSebungwe,Zhanwa.0Zimbabwe1728B2N800

Climber up to 20 ft, closely appressed to trunks of Colophospermum mopane.

40243Hymenophyllum kuhnii26 Aug 1966JA Whellan
JA Whellan 2186 SRGH
Bundi River, Chimanimani0Zimbabwe1933C3E1680

22450Hypolepis sparsisora20 Sep 1947JA Whellan
JA Whellan 216 SRGH
Chipinga, Gungunyana forest0Zimbabwe2032B2E0

52859Lepisorus excavatus09 Apr 1958JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1528 SRGH
Epiphyte on treesBundi River source, Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E1830

37094Lygodium kerstenii03 Sep 1947JA Whellan
JA Whellan 105 SRGH
Climbing fern in forest Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

42465Marsilea ephippiocarpa15 May 1963JA Whellan
JA Whellan 2034 GOE Launert SRGH
Mopani woodland Chiredzi0Zimbabwe2131B1S0

35032Mohria lepigera26 Jan 1962JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1916 SRGH
Rocky hillside. Rhodes Hotel, Inyanga.540Zimbabwe1832B3VQ71-78-E0

53209Pityrogramma argentea26 Aug 1964JA Whellan
JA Whellan 2178 SRGH
Among quartzite rocks.Stonehenge, Chimanimani330Zimbabwe1933C3E1680

52725Pneumatopteris unita20 Sep 1947JA Whellan
JA Whellan 221 SRGH
Gungunyana Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

41109Psilotum nudum10 Aug 1951JA Whellan
JA Whellan 540 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Growing in crevices in sandstone, in full shade, over open pool of permanent water, with Adiantum capillus-veneris.Masene River Gorge, Sebungwe0Zimbabwe0

53298Pteris cretica20 Apr 1957JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1234 SRGH
Stream bank.Bridal Veil Falls, Chimanimani district.640Zimbabwe1932D4E1830

22748Ptisana fraxinea var. salicifolia30 Oct 1957JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1445 SRGH
Shady ravineChimanimani, near Bonny Eagle orchids0Zimbabwe2032B2VN84-87-E1370

106540Sebaea grandis26 Feb 1961JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1803 SRGH
In bare patches in deciduous woodlandHatfield, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Herb about 5-10 cm high. Flowers creamy-yellow, large-flowered relatively

106541Sebaea minuta07 Apr 1957JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1223 SRGH
Marshy groundHatfield, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Flowers ivory white

42030Selaginella imbricata29 Jul 1950JA Whellan
JA Whellan 432 SRGH
In hollows of rocksMatibi river, Hwange0ZimbabweW760

48684Tectaria gemmifera Sep 1961JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1861 SRGH
Very large fern near a big treeChirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0


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