Checklist: Asphodelaceae



This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are either purely cultivated or which are wild species which do not occur in Zambia have been excluded.

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NamesFZ Divisions
1024.000 KNIPHOFIA Moench  
Kniphofia benguellensis Baker W
Kniphofia dubia De Wild. W,C
Kniphofia grantii Baker N,W,C
Kniphofia flavovirens Engl.
Kniphofia mpalensis Engl.
Kniphofia zombensis Baker
Kniphofia reynoldsii Codd N,W
1026.000 ALOE L.  
Aloe bicomitum L.C. Leach [DD]N
Aloe bulbicaulis Christian N,W
Aloe cameronii Hemsl.
var. cameronii E
Aloe chabaudii Schönland
var. chabaudii B,C,E,S
Aloe chabaudii Schönland var. verekeri Christian
Aloe christianii Reynolds N,W,C,E,S
Aloe cryptopoda Baker S
Aloe duckeri Christian N,E
Aloe esculenta L.C. Leach [EX?]B
Aloe excelsa A. Berger
var. excelsa [VU]C
Aloe fimbrialis S.Carter B
Aloe greatheadii Schönland
var. greatheadii B,W,S
Aloe luapulana L.C. Leach [DD]N
Aloe milne-redheadii Christian [DD]W,C
Aloe mkushiana T.A.McCoy [End] [DD]C
Aloe mzimbana Christian N,W,C,E
Aloe nuttii Baker N,W,C
Aloe veseyi Reynolds [DD]N
Aloe zebrina Baker B,N,W,C,S
985.000 BULBINE Wolf  
Bulbine abyssinica A. Rich. B,N,W,C,E,S
985.010 JODRELLIA Baijnath  
Jodrellia fistulosa (Chiov.) Baijnath B,C,E
Bulbine breviracemosa Poelln
Bulbine fistulosa Chiov.
989.010 TRACHYANDRA Kunth  
Trachyandra arvensis (Schinz) Oberm. B,N,W,C
Anthericum arvense Schinz
Anthericum flavoviride Baker
Anthericum gilvum K. Krause
Anthericum gilvum K. Krause var. brunneolum Poelln.
Anthericum pallidiflavum Engl. & Gilg
Trachyandra laxa (N.E.Br.) Oberm.
var. rigida (Suess.) Roessl.
Trachyandra saltii (Baker) Oberm. B,N,W,E,S
Anthericum oatesii Baker
Trachyandra reflexipilosa (Kuntze) Oberm.
Trachyandra saltii (Baker) Oberm. var. oatesii (Baker) Oberm.

Copyright: Mike Bingham, Annette Willemen, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Mark Hyde, 2011-23

Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2023). Flora of Zambia: Checklist: Asphodelaceae., retrieved 3 October 2023

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