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The following is a list of the records determined by C Bjora in species name order.

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
81330Chlorophytum andongense09 Mar 1997DK Harder
DK Harder 3995 CS Bjora I Nordal Collections on rocky hills of broken quartz in disturbed miombo. Choma District; 45 km N along Namwala-Choma Roads from intersection of Choma-Namwala and Choma-Lusaka Roads, then W (ca. 1.2 km N of Ngonga stream) 2.4 km on road to Macha Mission (Sikweshina) in Mulundeka Hills. 0Zambia1626B4S1230

Rare; in wetter, deeper soil; from thickened roots; in fruit; base of leaves white; fruit green; fruit stalk to 2.5 m tall.

81331Chlorophytum andongense08 Mar 1997NB Zimba
NB Zimba 1076 CS Bjora I Nordal Secondary hill miombo soil type. Silted rocks-sandy combination.Choma District; 43.8 km from Choma along Choma-Namwala Road, just adjacent to Ngonga River, Simubara-Marundu Hills. 0Zambia1626B4S1100

Locally occasional in woodland. Fruits green.

81333Chlorophytum brachystachyum02 Mar 1997DK Harder
DK Harder 3950 CS Bjora I Nordal At base of Chilamalila Hill in grazed thorn scrub with large boulders and rocky soils. Gwembe District; 19.1 km W of intersection of road to Sinazongwe and Choma-Maamba Road; then S then E 6.2 km on road towards Sialwala Primary School; also Maamba Waterworks. 0Zambia1727A4S450

Rosette herb; rarely in flowers; wavy leaf margin; fruit warty, light green.

81338Chlorophytum colubrinum11 Mar 1997HH Schmidt
HH Schmidt 2507 CS Bjora In miombo woodland with Gleysol soils, rocky and well-drained slopes and adjacent uplift areas. Kalomo District; Travelling northwest on the Kalomo Road (D 714), toward the southern entrance to Kafue National Park. Ca. 30 km from Kalomo. 1000Zambia1626C2S1240

Herb, 1.0 m, erect from fleshy bulb. Leaves grey-green. Leaves on fruiting rachis swollen at attachment and rust-brown. Young fruits green.

81339Chlorophytum floribundum23 Feb 1997NB Zimba
NB Zimba 975 CS Bjora I Nordal In secondary miombo and mushitu forestLivingstone District; 13 km NE from the road junction, 26.1 km from Livingstone along Livingstone-Lusaka Road. 0Zambia1726C2S1140

Herb to 0.4 m, common in the mushitu forest understory. Leaves green and shiny. Fruits green.

81348Chlorophytum longifolium02 Mar 1997DK Harder
DK Harder 3938 CS Bjora I Nordal Slightly disturbed woodland near recent village. Soil rocky quartz with steep ravine. Gwembe District; ca. 9.1 km NW of Sinazeze and Choma-Maamba intersection on road to Choma, collections from hill miombo vegetation type along deviation in road. 0Zambia1727C4S780

Occasional; on rocky slopes; leaves light green slight orange at base; young fruits green, root yellow.

81349Chlorophytum longifolium26 Feb 1997B Luwiika
B Luwiika 495 CS Bjora I Nordal B Luwiika Sinazongwe District; Collecting near Siazwela village, Chief Sinazongwe, 4.1 km from Maamba/Sinazongwe Road turning East at the Sinazeze Shopping Center. 0Zambia1727A2S640

Herb, 35 cm between rocks, arising from a hard rhizome. Leaves light green, smooth; fruits dark green.

81355Chlorophytum rubribracteatum27 Nov 1993CN Nkhoma
CN Nkhoma 22 CS Bjora I Nordal Chishimba Falls picnic and camping areaChishimba Falls. Ca 32 km northwest of Kasama at Chishimba Falls picnic and camping area. 13 km from intersection of roads M3 and D20 on road D20 and 2 km south/southwest on access road to power station. 2010Zambia1030B2N1380

Small plant with 3 outer red petals with white margins, 3 inner white petals. White pistil and stamens with green anthers.

82564Hypoxis angustifolia08 Mar 1997NB Zimba
NB Zimba 1031 CS Bjora I Nordal Undifferentiated Miombo-Combretum woodland. Brown Kalahari sands. Choma District; 40.9 km from Choma along Choma-Namwala Road. 0Zambia1626B4S1120

Occasional in marshy areas. Leaves green with white hairs. Flowers yellow. Corolla greenish yellow on the underside.

82749Ledebouria revoluta21 Nov 1993DK Harder
DK Harder 2051 CS Bjora I Nordal Collections in grasslands along stream. Rocky soils, quartz sand and basalt outcrops. Kanona District; Kundalila Falls Picnic Area ca. 13 km S of Serenje-Mpika Hwy. at Kanona. 1210Zambia1330B1C1570

Frequent herb from fleshy bulb; leaves green with deep purple spots; inflorescence stalk green with purple spots; tepals green at base, purple at tip; anthers deep purple.

84199Walleria mackenziei29 Jan 1995DK Harder
DK Harder 2500 CS Bjora I Nordal Collections in degraded and grazed woodland with limestone outcrops. Lusaka District; Ca. 500 m N of Jellis Farm turn in, on access road from Leopard's Hill Road. 1450Zambia1528A4C1380

Widespread but not abundant; leaf to 25 cm, from fleshy tuber; young fruits bright green. [Living Material for K].

84200Walleria mackenziei05 Feb 1995DK Harder
DK Harder 2566 CS Bjora I Nordal Collections in woodland and grassland around mouth of cave and on adjacent rocky hillside. Lusaka District; Shimabala Cave, National Heritage Site; ca. 1 km N of Kafue Road near Chilanga Cement housing; ca. 10 km S of Chilanga and 23 km S of Lusaka. 1430Zambia1528C1C1200

Occasional; perennial; in shallow soil with quartz rocks; from fleshy corm (not collected); tepals light purple; anthers coalesced and yellow basally, a thin black band, then white-tipped.


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