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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
24480Arthropteris orientalis Apr 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 34/68 SRGH
Amongst shattered rock facesMt. Pene0Zimbabwe1932D4VN895906E1735

35948Asplenium mannii Feb 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 29/67 SRGH
Epiphyte on fallen Craibia brevicaudata Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

40478Barleria lugardii Feb 1956B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 45/56 SRGH
Gwampa Forest Reserve, Nkayi District 0Zimbabwe1928B2W1200

15556Blechnum tabulare Jul 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 105/68 SRGH
Edge of large gwasha, quartzite soilChimanimani, Mt. Bunga, Tarka Forest Reserve0Zimbabwe1932D4VN95-93-E1370

22429Blotiella natalensis Dec 1964TM Müller
H Wild
B Goldsmith
TM Müller H Wild B Goldsmith 6621 SRGH
Chimanimani, Haroni Makurupini forest520Zimbabwe2033A1E0

30241Cyathea thomsonii May 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 57/67 SRGH
Growing in a cool moist placeChipinga, Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1100

22555Dicranopteris linearis Mar 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith Jun-68 SRGH
Common in damp spots on road vergesChimanimani, Tarka Forest reserve0Zimbabwe1932D4VN95-93-E1155

35384Dictyophleba lucida Dec 1964TM Müller
H Wild
B Goldsmith
TM Müller H Wild B Goldsmith 6617 SRGH
Haroni/Makurupini Forest520Zimbabwe2033A1E400

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 7 part 2: 422 (1985)

49683Elaphoglossum spathulatum var. spathulatum May 1973B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 10/73 SRGH
On quartside damp rock shade of large trees. Lithophutic fern in small short dense patches.Southern slope of Mount Peni0Zimbabwe1932D4E1650

Old fertile leaves quite black on the underside; leaves very hairy, less than 15 cm long

34956Haumaniastrum dissitifolium May 1966B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 60/67 SRGH
Open grassland near Msilinge RiverGungunyana Forest Reserve, Chipinga0Zimbabwe2032B3E915

74841Helichrysum longiramum Jun 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 88/68 SRGH
On lower slopes Mt Peni, along eastern boundary Tarka Forest Reserve, Chimanimani.0Zimbabwe1932D4E1525

Fairly common patches up to 4' tall. Flowers yellow.

90967Hippocratea parviflora Feb 1955B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 75/55 SRGH
Gwampa Forest Reserve,Shangani District0Zimbabwe1928B2W1237

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 2 part 2:415 (1966)

22449Hypolepis sparsisora Nov 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 119/67 SRGH
Dappled shade banks of Zona R.Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

68965Kedrostis foetidissima Feb 1956B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 88/56 C Jeffrey SRGH
On red kalahari sand in Baikiea timber beltGwampa Forest Reserve, Shangani0Zimbabwe1928A2W1150

Leaves with cordate bases, scabrid; fruit bright red, small

52788Loxogramme abyssinica Feb 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 24/67 SRGH
Epiphytic fern 100 feet above ground on fallen Celtis durandiiChirinda forest.60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

Small simple leaves with only a few found to be fertile. Brown spores occur in narrow rectangles on the top portion of the leaf.

22713Lycopodiella cernua May 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 49/67 SRGH
Moist road cuttingChirinda forest, outskirts60Zimbabwe2032B3E1065

37099Lygodium kerstenii Mar 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 36/67 SRGH
Common along forest edges, attached to trees Chirinda forest outskirts60Zimbabwe2032B3E1005

29128Mellera lobulata Oct 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 90/67 SRGH
Along road vergesChirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1100

Tall herb with showy white to delicate mauve flowers of very regular petal lobe arrangement. Foul smelling.

29136Mellera lobulata Sep 1961B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 71/61 SRGH
A common weed on shaded road vergesChirinda Forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1100

Dense patches of this plant have a sour smell. Pure white flowers and tapered petals and a mauvish spot on the lip.

49743Nephrolepis biserrata Oct 1972B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 39/72 SRGH
Tall fern in good shade under large trees.Lisutu River bank above its confluence with Haroni river0Zimbabwe2033A1E700

Fern pinnately compound, tufted, with fronds over 2 metres tall; sori round evenly spaced, not quite marginal, light brown; stipe and rhachis deeply channeled above.

52689Nephrolepis undulata May 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 56/67 SRGH
Colony in well shaded moist road verge under large pines.Gungunyana Forest Reserve (=Chirinda Forest), Chipinga district.60Zimbabwe2032B3E940

Single fronds erect and flattened in one plane with pinnate leaves tapering to a broad point and leaflets distinctly overlapping on the undersurface.

24521Oleandra distenta14 Dec 1972TM Müller
B Goldsmith
TM Müller B Goldsmith 2069 SRGH
Mixed evergreen forestChimanimani, Mutsangazi river, W of Mt. Peni0Zimbabwe1932D4E900

27652Osmunda regalis Jul 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 79/67 SRGH
On damp bank near source of Gungunyama riverChipinga, Gungunyana forest reserve0Zimbabwe2032B2E0

21835Pachycarpus bisacculatus Jan 1962B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 25/62 SRGH
Spangabera (Espungabera), Manica0Mozambique2032B40

21798Pergularia daemia subsp. daemia Mar 1964B Goldsmith
Gungunyana Forest Reserve, Chipinga Dist (Chirinda Forest)0Zimbabwe2032B3E1150

52876Pleopeltis macrocarpa Mar 1968B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 15/68 SRGH
Epiphytic fern on tree, in cool shady riverine gullyLionhills Forest Reserve, +/- 10 miles from Melsetter (Mutare)0Zimbabwe1932D4E1520

107422Pleurostylia africana Jan 1959B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 3/59 SRGH
On exposed rocky hillside.Urungwe, Kariba0Zimbabwe1629A1N610

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 2 part 2, 1966
A tree 30' high. Opposite leaves and branching. Flowers have a nauseating odor which attracts insects including many dragonflies; free flowering with numerous regularly rounded heads; bark rough, dark.

52721Pneumatopteris unita Nov 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 126/67 SRGH
Banks of Zona river.Chirinda forest.60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

Fern with pinnate leaves. Leaflets pointed, long lobed. Small plant developes on tip vegetatively.

22489Pteridium aquilinum subsp. capense Jan 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 138/67 SRGH
Common in fireguardsChimanimani, Gungunyana Forest Estate.0Zimbabwe2032B2E1065

53278Pteris catoptera Dec 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 141/67 SRGH
Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

Fronds pinnate with pinnae mainly alternate & tapered to fine tips. Distinctly pilose on undersurface of pinnae midribs.

53302Pteris cretica Aug 1969B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 69/69 SRGH
In sandstone rock cracks on edge of the falls.Bridal Veil Falls, Chimanimani district.640Zimbabwe1932D4E1000

Flattened in one plane & often trifoliolate; sori in blackish lines along leaf margin.

53447Pteris vittata Jul 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 78/67 SRGH
Fern growing on quartzitic sandstone near the dip tank.Gungunyana Forest Reserve, Chipinga district.60Zimbabwe2032B3E945

Fronds with pinnae curling at tips; spores in narrow marginal lines; pinnate.

22762Ptisana salicifolia Oct 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 110/67 SRGH
On banks of perennial stream, well shaded and permanently damp, not commonChirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

41395Salvinia molesta Jul 1960B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 92/60 SRGH
On water. Light weed bright green in colour covered several acres and resembled a well kept golf course.Kariba, collected on water in the flooded mouth of the Bumi river which enters Lake Kariba0Zimbabwe1728B1N460

Upper leaf surface covered in woolly hairs each having a distinct "O" shaped loop at its apex. No secondary growth seen in this area but the specimens have minute Lemna species adhering to them.

48701Tectaria gemmifera Dec 1964TM Müller
H Wild
B Goldsmith
TM Müller H Wild B Goldsmith 6630 SRGH
Gemmiferous fern by streamHaroni-Makurupini forest0Zimbabwe2031A1E400

48702Tectaria gemmifera Dec 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 140/67 SRGH
Fern common along shaded road vergesChirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

48706Tectaria gemmifera Jan 1967B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 142/67 SRGH
Chirinda forest60Zimbabwe2032B3E1130

Common fern to 3' tall. Vegetative buds evident on fronds

41593Vittaria volkensii May 1973B Goldsmith
B Goldsmith 12/73 SRGH
Epiphyte with Lycopodium dacrydioidesUpper Southern slope of mount Peni0Zimbabwe1932D4E1666

Fern with simple linear dark green glabrous fronds in tufts. Up to half a meter long, hanging almost vertically.


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