Literature: Biegel, H.M. (1977)

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Biegel, H.M. (1977)Check-list of ornamental plants used in Rhodesian parks and gardens.Rhodesia Agricultural Journal. Research Report No. 3. 16

Species which refer to this work

Note that the process of capturing references from species to the literature and the reverse may be incomplete.

Species found: 41
Acacia galpinii
Acacia karroo
Acacia polyacantha subsp. campylacantha
Acacia sieberiana var. woodii
Acalypha amentacea subsp. wilkesiana (cultivated)
Acokanthera oppositifolia
Acrocarpus fraxinifolius (cultivated)
Adenium multiflorum
Afzelia quanzensis
Albizia adianthifolia var. adianthifolia
Albizia coriaria
Albizia gummifera (cultivated)
Albizia lebbeck (cultivated)
Albizia odoratissima (cultivated)
Albizia versicolor
Aloe excelsa var. excelsa
Alpinia zerumbet (cultivated)
Alternanthera tenella (cultivated)
Anredera cordifolia
Ansellia africana
Anthocleista grandiflora
Aphloia theiformis
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (cultivated)
Artemisia afra
Asparagus asparagoides
Asparagus setaceus
Barleria crassa subsp. crassa
Barleria mackenii
Bauhinia galpinii
Bauhinia monandra (cultivated)
Bauhinia purpurea (cultivated)
Bauhinia tomentosa
Bauhinia variegata var. variegata
Bersama abyssinica
Bolusanthus speciosus
Cordia africana
Cordia myxa (cultivated)
Cyathea dregei
Excoecaria bussei
Syagrus romanzoffiana (cultivated)
Vernicia montana (cultivated)

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Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2024). Flora of Zambia: Literature detail: Biegel, H.M. (1977)., retrieved 18 July 2024

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