The following is a list of native or naturalised species which, at least some of the time, possess this spot-character.

Adiantaceae Adiantum incisum
Adiantaceae Adiantum lunulatum
Adiantaceae Vittaria guineensis var. orientalis
Adiantaceae Vittaria volkensii
Aspleniaceae Asplenium aethiopicum
Aspleniaceae Asplenium blastophorum
Aspleniaceae Asplenium boltonii
Aspleniaceae Asplenium buettneri
Aspleniaceae Asplenium dregeanum
Aspleniaceae Asplenium erectum
Aspleniaceae Asplenium formosum
Aspleniaceae Asplenium lividum
Aspleniaceae Asplenium mannii
Aspleniaceae Asplenium megalura
Aspleniaceae Asplenium protensum
Aspleniaceae Asplenium theciferum
Blechnaceae Blechnum attenuatum
Davalliaceae Davallia chaerophylloides
Hymenophyllaceae Crepidomanes mannii
Hymenophyllaceae Crepidomanes melanotrichum
Hymenophyllaceae Hymenophyllum kuhnii
Lomariopsidaceae Elaphoglossum acrostichoides
Lomariopsidaceae Elaphoglossum lancifolium
Lycopodiaceae Huperzia verticillata
Moraceae Ficus nigropunctata
Nephrolepidaceae Nephrolepis undulata
Oleandraceae Oleandra distenta
Orchidaceae Acampe pachyglossa
Orchidaceae Aerangis appendiculata
Orchidaceae Aerangis kotschyana
Orchidaceae Aerangis mystacidii
Orchidaceae Aerangis verdickii var. verdickii
Orchidaceae Aerangis verdickii var. rusituensis
Orchidaceae Ancistrorhynchus ovatus
Orchidaceae Angraecopsis trifurca
Orchidaceae Angraecum cultriforme
Orchidaceae Angraecum minus
Orchidaceae Angraecum sacciferum
Orchidaceae Ansellia africana
Orchidaceae Bolusiella iridifolia subsp. picea
Orchidaceae Bolusiella maudiae
Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum elliotii
Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum encephalodes
Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum fuscum var. melinostachyum
Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum intertextum
Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum josephi
Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum maximum
Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum sandersonii subsp. sandersonii
Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum scaberulum
Orchidaceae Calyptrochilum christyanum
Orchidaceae Cynorkis kassneriana
Orchidaceae Cyrtorchis arcuata subsp. arcuata
Orchidaceae Cyrtorchis crassifolia
Orchidaceae Cyrtorchis praetermissa subsp. praetermissa
Orchidaceae Cyrtorchis ringens
Orchidaceae Diaphananthe fragrantissima
Orchidaceae Diaphananthe kamerunensis
Orchidaceae Diaphananthe rutila
Orchidaceae Diaphananthe xanthopollinia
Orchidaceae Polystachya vaginata
Polypodiaceae Drynaria volkensii
Polypodiaceae Lepisorus excavatus
Polypodiaceae Lepisorus schraderi
Polypodiaceae Loxogramme abyssinica
Polypodiaceae Microgramma mauritiana
Polypodiaceae Platycerium elephantotis
Polypodiaceae Pleopeltis macrocarpa
Polypodiaceae Pyrrosia schimperiana var. schimperiana
Polypodiaceae Pyrrosia stolzii
Psilotaceae Psilotum nudum
Sinopteridaceae Aleuritopteris farinosa
Tectariaceae Arthropteris monocarpa
Number of species: 72

Copyright: Mike Bingham, Annette Willemen, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Mark Hyde, 2011-24

Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2024). Flora of Zambia: List of species with each spot-character: Epiphytic.
https://www.zambiaflora.com/speciesdata/species-spot-display.php?species_id=13, retrieved 21 February 2024

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