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The following is a list of the records made by Dennys Fanshawe in species name order. The records are of species which occur in Zambia (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
80725Acacia gerrardii var. gerrardii04 Nov 1972DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 2450 RE Gereau MO
Lusaka District; 8 miles from Chilanga along road to Kafue township.0Zambia1528C1C1022

Small tree, c. 6 m high, profusely flowering. Flrs white to pale yellow. Found on remnants of miombo wiidland on roadside in farming area.

80726Acacia gerrardii var. gerrardii07 Nov 1972DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 2470 RE Gereau MO
Lusaka, University of Zambia campus.0Zambia1528A4C1300

c. 9 m high tree with short straight stem and roundish crown, just outside Biology Building, UNZA. Spines inconspicuous, flrs cream.

80727Acacia gerrardii var. gerrardii31 Dec 1972DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 3736 RE Gereau MO
Along roadFeira District; 25 km from Feira along road to Katondwe Mission.0Zambia1530A4C400

Large tree, c. 12 m high with spreading, more or less umbrella-shaped crown. Flrs cream. Mopane woodland.

80895 (cultivated)Albizia gummifera (cultivated)27 Oct 1972DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 11547 RE Gereau MO

9 m. tree on fringe of forest (grows to 3' diameter and 90' high) with visinate leaves and rhomboidal lfts alab. fls white with pink filaments, standing above the foliage.

52990Albizia isenbergiana03 Oct 1967MG Bingham
DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 10195 Kitwe0Zambia1228C3 W0

81043Asparagus migeodii10 May 1954DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 1185 Ndola.0Zambia1228D3W0

More or less prostrate, feathery end shoots from woody rhizome to 2 ft long; fruit globose, red glossy.

81056Azima tetracantha14 Nov 1963DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 8134 Katondwe0ZambiaC0

Shrub or scrambler of anthill in savanna woodland; leaves stiff leathery glabrous axillary spines present - old flowers spikes axillary clustered

81057Azima tetracantha08 Sep 1964DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 8892 Feira0Zambia1530C2C0

Scrambler from anthill thicket in savanna woodland - stems angular with axill. Spines in fours - leaves thin leath. Flowers in axill. Interrupted spikes, green, in bud

81058Azima tetracantha06 Oct 1964DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 8948 Katondwe0ZambiaC0

Scrambler from savanna thicket - leaves fleshy, axill spines in fours - flowers pale cream sepals, pale green petals in clustered axill. Branched racemes

80271Batopedina linearifolia21 Feb 1957DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 4143 DB Fanshawe K
Luanshya, Muva Hill0Zambia W0

80273Cassipourea fanshawei08 Oct 1958DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 4897 DB Fanshawe K
Musondwa0Zambia N0

Kew holotype

81354Chlorophytum ruahense22 Nov 1955DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 2627 Luanshya0Zambia1328A2W0

81426Coffea mufindiensis subsp. lundaziensis26 Oct 1972DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 11538 Makutus, Makutu Mts.0Zambia1033A4 N0

81452Combretum molle29 Sep 1972DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 2210 Albizia woodland in sandy area near riverLusaka District; at Chongwe River N of Kasisi. (ca. 30 km NE-NNE Lusaka).0Zambia1528A2C1150

Shrub or small tree, 3-7m high. flrs yellow.

81453Combretum molle04 Nov 1972DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 2441 Miombo woodlandMazabuka District; 2-5 miles from Kafue Gorge hydroelectric power stn along road to Kafue township.0Zambia1528C4S1100

Small tree on termite mound. Flrs yellow.

80276Combretum mweroense16 Aug 1958DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 4703 DB Fanshawe K
Kalungwishi River0Zambia N0


80277Combretum mweroense16 Aug 1958DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 4704 DB Fanshawe K
Kalungwishi River0Zambia N0


81559Craterosiphon quarrei23 Sep 1952DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 481 Chingola District0Zambia1227D2W0

Fruits dark brown, elliptical.

81560Craterosiphon quarrei17 May 1954DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 1204 Ndola.0Zambia1228D3W0

15' tree, 3" dia of plateau woodland. leaves thick leathery, brittle, margin revolute, glaucescent below-fr. in term inflor. oblong-globose. Fruit yellow brown, warty, dry fleshy.

81561Craterosiphon quarrei03 Aug 1954DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 1411 Plateau woodland.Kitwe0Zambia1228C3W0

15' tree; fls. in bud, pale green in axill. fascicles.

81562Craterosiphon quarrei20 Sep 1954DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 1563 Ndola.0Zambia1228D3W0

20'tree, 6" diam. of plateau woodland-leaves leathery, glaucous below, flowers greenish yellow, long campanulate -- clustered in axils or below lvs. strongly scented. Flowers greenish-yellow.

81563Craterosiphon quarrei09 Nov 1955DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 2591 Seedlings of Kafundansofo, 6 months old from forest nursery.0Zambia0

81564Craterosiphon quarrei DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe s.n. Ndola.0Zambia1228D3W0

80291Deinbollia fanshawei21 Sep 1962DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 7048 DB Fanshawe K
Mongu0Zambia B0

fl. & fr. ; FHO, holotype
Apparently smaller than any other known species of Deinhollia and differing from the other species in our area by the glabrous ovary, fruit and pedicel. The glabrous pedicel is articulated to a tomentose branch of the rhachis and the fruit later breaks off at this point with the pedicel attached to it as a short stipe. Very few mature flowers were available for examination: one of these seemed to have a well-developed ovule in one of the ovary-lobes although the stamens were also well developed. (JSTOR)

80292Deinbollia fanshawei27 Jul 1962DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 6979 DB Fanshawe BM
Senanga0Zambia B0


81982Disa nyikensis24 Dec 1962DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 7221 Nyika1010Zambia1033D1 N0

81983Disa nyikensis24 Dec 1962DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 7221 Nyika Plateau1010Zambia1033D1 N0

80446Dissotis denticulata01 May 1957DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 3224 K
Chiwefwe0Zambia C0

fl. & fr

80449Dissotis peregrina23 Aug 1957DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 3582 K
Kawambwa0Zambia N0

fl. & fr.

82047Duosperma cuprinum06 Mar 1973DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 11767 KB Vollesen K
0Zambia 0

Colossus. Suffrutex to cm high in small clumps on copper cleaning with habit and casual appearance of Fadogia arenicola, all parts grey-green, pub. - fls. purplish, almost hidden in axil clusters.

82070Ehretia obtusifolia04 Oct 1972DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 2285 JS Miller MO
Lusaka/Mumbwa District; Iron ore outcrop at Sanje c. 37b km WSW Lusaka0ZambiaC1075

80302Ipomoea fanshawei08 Mar 1960DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 5417 K
Machili0Zambia S0

80424Ipomoea fanshawei DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 6001 K
Machili0Zambia S0

Type, in Kirkia 6

114348Ipomoea kassneri03 Jan 1956DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 2683 B Verdcourt K
In plateau woodlandMufulira0Zambia1228C1W0

Prostrate creeping herb with many shoots from a woody rootstock, flowers mauve-pink.

114349Ipomoea kassneri30 Jan 1955DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 1904 B Verdcourt K
In woodlandMpika0Zambia1131C4N0

Procumbent leafy flowering shoots up to 0.3 m. long from a woody rootstock; flowers pale mauve.

68976Kedrostis foetidissima12 Mar 1973DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 11-777 SRGH
Kalahari/Munga woodlandSesheke0Zambia1724A4B945

Herbaceous, delicate, tendril climber; leaves ovate, cordate, thin; flowers axillary, yellow; fruit globose, red, fleshy.

68980Kedrostis foetidissima14 Mar 1961DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 6-422 C Jeffrey SRGH
Baikiea woodland on Kalahari sandNorth of Katundu0Zambia1724B3S990

Herbaceous tendril climber; leaves ovate, cordate, thin, denticulate; flowers pale yellow in short axillary racemes; fruit red, globose, hairy

68989Kedrostis leloja04 Dec 1960DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 5943 C Jeffrey SRGH
On anthill in dambo edge woodland.Machili (Machile kuta)0Zambia1625C3S1025

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 4: 486 (1978).

80250Monadenium fanshawei02 Jan 1957DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe F_2913 DB Fanshawe K

83204Pavetta subumbellata var. subumbellata31 Dec 1962DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 7387 Nyika1010Zambia1033D1 N0

68924Pteleopsis pteleopsoides10 Oct 1958DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 4929 Nsama District, Nsama 0Zambia0829D4 N1018

80434Pteleopsis pteleopsoides11 Nov 1958DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 4793 DB Fanshawe K
Mporokoso District0Zambia N0


80435Pteleopsis pteleopsoides DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 4929 DB Fanshawe FHO
Nsama0Zambia N0

FHO, holotype

69008Salacia luebbertii19 Oct 1959DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 5246 K

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 2 part 2: 398 (1966)

80213Sorindeia juglandifolia15 Aug 1958DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe F4739 FJ Breteler K
riverine forestChienge0Zambia N0

Male flowers.
Determined as Sorindeia undulata R. & A.Fern.

83726Sphaerocoryne gracilis subsp. engleriana22 Nov 1954DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 1674 Ndola0Zambia1228D3W0

80430Stapfiella zambesiensis23 Aug 1957DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 3581 K
In mushitus near streams and margins of swamp forest.Kawambwa0Zambia N0

forma grandifolia < br/> Perhaps an ecological form, conditioned by wet soil and shade.

80433Vangueria rhodesiaca23 Jan 1955DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 1848 K
Serenje District0Zambia C0

K, holotype

80437Vepris fanshawei12 Aug 1958DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 4735 DB Fanshawe K
Chienge0Zambia N0

K, holotype

80439Vepris termitaria07 Dec 1953DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 538 DB Fanshawe K
Ndola0Zambia W0


80440Vepris termitaria Jan 1958DB Fanshawe
DB Fanshawe 4336 DB Fanshawe SRGH
Kitwe0Zambia W0

K, holotype


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