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The following is a list of the records made by Mary Richards in species name order. The records are of species which occur in Zambia (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
80739Acacia hockii15 Sep 1956HM Richards
HM Richards 6201 Side of road, dry.Mbala District; Kalambo Falls Road. 1250Zambia0831C2 N1500

Shrub 8 ft.

80740Acacia hockii09 May 1966HM Richards
HM Richards 21479 Among long grass in scattered woodland near stream on loam soil.Chianga Stream near Kalambo Road. 0Zambia0831C4 N1350

Tree 15-20 ft. high. Bark dark, flaking off when cut, pale buff beneath, flowers yellow.

80214Aeschynomene pseudoglabrescens12 Dec 1964HM Richards
HM Richards 19350 Kew Staff K
Kasama District, by River Mifundu0Zambia N0

80216Agathisanthemum bojeri var. linearifolia02 Jan 1952HM Richards
HM Richards 618 Kew Staff K
Mbala0Zambia N0


80217Agathisanthemum bojeri var. linearifolia04 Feb 1965HM Richards
HM Richards 19600 Kew Staff K
Mbala District, Muswilo Stream0Zambia N0

Kew, holotype.

84407Ascolepis lineariglumis var. pulcherrima HM Richards
HM Richards 8353 Mbala District0Zambia N0


81045Aspidoglossum connatum13 Feb 1959HM Richards
HM Richards 10857 Mbala District; L. Chila0ZambiaN1707

80270Baphia speciosa05 Apr 1957HM Richards
HM Richards 9041 Kew Staff K
Kaputa Distr., Bulaya - Nsumbu road0Zambia N990

Bush 15 - 20 ft.. Pea, upper petal large, with orange mark at base, wing and keel white. Buds brown, calyx falling as pea opens
Kew, holotype

49319Bauhinia tomentosa28 May 1961HM Richards
HM Richards 15147 K
Mbala Distr., Sisya Forest, Kalambo road.0Zambia0


85069Bulbostylis pilosa HM Richards
HM Richards 19591 EA Robinson C Archer MRSC
Luwingu District, Chishinga Ranch0ZambiaN0

MRSC, det EAR as B.aphyllanthoides; det C.Archer

81353Chlorophytum ruahense22 Nov 1962HM Richards
HM Richards 17462 GorgeMwinilunga District; Kabompo Gorge.0Zambia1225A1W0

80280Clematis thalictrifolia30 Mar 1952HM Richards
HM Richards 1247 Kew Staff K
In Brachystegia woodland.Mbale, on road to Kalambo Falls.0Zambia N0

80252Commelina grandis18 Feb 1957HM Richards
HM Richards HMR_8211 Kew Staff JPM Brenan K
in woodland and in open grassland.Kambole - Abercorn road0Zambia N1500

81554Craterosiphon quarrei12 Mar 1955HM Richards
HM Richards 4849 N: Mbala District; Inona (Inono) R.0Zambia0831C3N914

81555Craterosiphon quarrei12 Mar 1955HM Richards
HM Richards 4894 Riverine forest.Inono stream. 0Zambia0831C3N914

In sandy soil tall tree 30 ft. Bark corky, stem rough. Leaves glabrous has a glutinous latex in centre of young stem [incorrect observation?]. Also grows Chilogowilo Gardens.

81556Craterosiphon quarrei12 Sep 1960HM Richards
HM Richards 13229 Burnt woody woodland.Mbala District; Kambole Escarpment. At top of escarpment, above Kambole. 0Zambia0831C4N1800

Small tree. Calyx lobes dark green. Sepals pale green.

81634Crotalaria glauca20 Mar 1957HM Richards
HM Richards 8839 Side of road sandy soilMbale District; Mbala. Mpulungu road, 0Zambia0831C4N1524

Annual. Pea yellow under side of hood brown

81635Crotalaria glauca12 Apr 1962HM Richards
HM Richards 16317 Mbala District; Mbala - Tunduma Road, 25 miles from Mbala0Zambia0831D3N1500

Annual growing in sand at side of road. Flower yellow; back of standard reddish-brown; keel green

88258Cyperus aureo-brunneus09 Dec 1964HM Richards
HM Richards 19315 EA Robinson MRSC
Kasama District, path Kalolo Village to Chambeshi Flats0ZambiaN0

88259Cyperus aureo-brunneus09 Dec 1964HM Richards
HM Richards 19318 EA Robinson MRSC
Kasama District, path Kalolo Village to Chambeshi Flats0ZambiaN0

88260Cyperus aureo-brunneus14 Jan 1965HM Richards
HM Richards 19527 EA Robinson MRSC
Damp woodland by the riverMpulungu (Mbala) District, Chinakila, Mulungu River0ZambiaN0

88241Cyperus denudatus var. denudatus HM Richards
HM Richards 19450 EA Robinson MRSC
Mbala District, Chinikila path to Loye Flats0ZambiaN0

81922Diospyros lycioides subsp. sericea25 Oct 1962HM Richards
HM Richards 16848 Mbala District; Lumi marsh, Kawimbe.0ZambiaN1740

Flowers cream; sepals green.

67916Dipcadi longifolium09 Jan 1959HM Richards
HM Richards 10568 KA Bley K
In sand under Mimosa and out in the openRoad from Livingstonia to Karonga about 20 miles from Karonga0Malawi1034A1N480

Flowers cream, bulb small

81980Disa nyikensis03 Jan 1959HM Richards
HM Richards 10429 Lundazi District; Nyika Plateau0Zambia1033D1 N2100

80451Dissotis romiana25 Aug 1956HM Richards
HM Richards 5972 SRGH
Mbala District, Kambole area, Calongora River0Zambia N1050

fl. & fr.

82077Ekebergia capensis27 Sep 1960HM Richards
HM Richards 13286 HM Richards Voma Gap, Fwambo side; in muchitu by river0Zambia0831D3N1500

Tree ca 5ft high, flowers creamy-green

80456Garcinia pachyclada23 Aug 1956HM Richards
HM Richards 5923 K
Mbale District, Kambole Escarpment0Zambia N0

Male fl

82423Gnidia involucrata23 Oct 1971HM Richards
HM Richards 27314 Serenje District; Road to Lushere village 5 miles from Serenje.0ZambiaC1524

Leaves sessile. Calyx brown. Flowers orange-yellow.

82426Gomphocarpus fruticosus subsp. fruticosus06 Sep 1956HM Richards
HM Richards 6122 WD Stevens MO
Mbale District; Mbala [=Mbala District], Kawimbe0Zambia0831C4N1524

Small shrub 5 feet, on ant-hill close to river. Wet ground. Stem stiff, green leaves, verticilate, glabrous. Flowers cream. Seeds green.

34740Hygrophila didynama22 Aug 1956HM Richards
HM Richards 5921 BR
Hanging over a stream; damp sandy soil.Shamba side of stream, Abercorn-Kambole Road, Zambia0ZambiaN1500

A straggling woody herbaceous plant. Stem brown, woody. Leaves opposite, long. Calyx green. Corolla tube short, green. Flowers, upper petals inside fringed with upright brown hairs. Flower dull mauve with yellow markings. Stamens inserted base of lower petal, developing seed long pointed.

80425Ipomoea richardsiae HM Richards
HM Richards 17292 Woodland on rock outcropsMwinilunga District, Kalenda Village0Zambia W0


80287Micrargeriella aphylla29 Nov 1961HM Richards
HM Richards 15448 K
Kawambwa to Nchelenge, 16 km0Zambia N1290

fl. & fr

84934Nemum angolense27 Feb 1960HM Richards
HM Richards 12626 HM Richards Chambeshi River, Kasama District, S of Kasama, Close to Mwarushi Villaga0Zambia1031A1N1320

84935Nemum angolense01 Mar 1960HM Richards
HM Richards 12665 HM Richards Kasama, Malole Rocks0Zambia1031A1N1240

84936Nemum angolense06 Jun 1957HM Richards
HM Richards 10059 HM Richards EscarpmentMbala District, Kambole Escarpment0Zambia0831C4N1500

84937Nemum angolense27 Feb 1960HM Richards
HM Richards 5250 HM Richards 2 miles from Kasama0Zambia1031A1N1240

83167Parinari excelsa07 Oct 1966HM Richards
HM Richards 21496 Vomo gap0Zambia0831D3 N1525

Entrance to vomo gap. Very large tree 60 ft.

83188Pavetta johnstonii subsp. breviloba12 Feb 1967HM Richards
HM Richards 22133 D Bridson Shrub with white flowers.Mbala District; Itembwe Gorge.0Zambia0831D3 N1500

Shrub with white flowers.

83260Phyllanthus kaessneri var. kaessneri24 Jun 1957HM Richards
HM Richards 10197 Mbala District; Lunzua R.0Zambia0931A2N840

83320Pogonochloa greenwayi07 Nov 1962HM Richards
HM Richards 16972 Mwinilunga District; Northern Rhodesia. Muyileshi River, 4-5 mls from Angola border.0ZambiaW1290

102524Polystachya albescens subsp. imbricata10 Jan 1959HM Richards
HM Richards 10609 K
In rain forest. Misiku Hills0Malawi0933C2 N1650

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 11 part 2: 330, 1998.

102525Polystachya transvaalensis04 Jan 1959HM Richards
HM Richards 10476 K
Lake Kaulime, Nyika National Park1800Malawi1033D2 N2340

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca volume 11 part 2: 330, 1998.

83476Richardsiella eruciformis02 Apr 1952HM Richards
HM Richards 1309 Sandy soil close to "Plain of Death"Mbala District; 0Zambia1463

Low growing, very sandy soil, open space

83592Scleria angustifolia19 Jan 1960HM Richards
HM Richards 12429 Grassland swamp on damp soil.Mporokoso, Mporokoso-Sanga Hill Road.0Zambia0930C2N1350

83771Stereospermum kunthianum28 Sep 1967HM Richards
HM Richards 22321 Isoko-Mbala Region 1 m from Mbala.0ZambiaN1524

Recently burnt ground. Scattered trees. Trunk smooth. Leaves pinnate. Flowers pale pink purple markings.

80432Tapiphyllum rhodesiacum16 Jan 1959HM Richards
HM Richards 10684 K
Shiwa Ngandu, Machipara Hill1170Zambia N0


84126Vernonia miombicola08 May 1967HM Richards
HM Richards 22234 Edge of woodland. Sandy loam.Mbale District; Arbercorn District Ndundu Drive.0ZambiaN1768

Annual. Leaves entire. Florets purple.

84127Vernonia muelleri subsp. brevicuspis09 May 1952HM Richards
HM Richards 1161 Mbala0Zambia0831C4N0

84128Vernonia muelleri subsp. brevicuspis HM Richards
HM Richards 22262 Mbala, Lunzaw Falls0Zambia0831C3N0

84195Wahlenbergia ramosissima subsp. centiflora HM Richards
HM Richards 5565 D'hulmiti-Katula on old Mbala-Mpulungu road.0Zambia0931B2N0

84197Wahlenbergia ramosissima subsp. richardsiae17 Apr 1963HM Richards
HM Richards 18106 Damp, grassland. Among short grass.0Zambia0831C4 N1525

Sandy annual.


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