3669.000 Crotalaria L.

Martins, E.S. et al. (2003) Papilionoideae Flora Zambesiaca 3(7)

Description of the genus

Herbs, shrubs or rarely small trees (capensis and pallidicaulis). Stipules filiform to leaf-like, or 0. Leaves simple, 1-foliolate or digitately 3(-7)-foliolate, usually petiolate. Flowers usually yellow, variously marked, less often white or blue, usually in terminal leaf-opposed or less commonly axillary racemes or heads; bract and paired bracteoles usually present. Calyx usually with 5 subequal lobes. Standard usually with 2 appendages at the base inside; keel rounded to angled, generally with a well-developed beak. Stamens joined in a sheath; anthers arranged alternately with 5 long, basifixed and 5, smaller, dorsifixed. Style curved or geniculate, usually with 1-2 lines of hairs in the upper part, the basal portion thicker than the upper. Legume usually inflated, 1-many seeded.

Worldwide: 600 species throughout the tropics (and subtropics), most numerous in eastern and southern tropical Africa

Zambia: 175 taxa.

The larvae of the following species of insect eat species of this genus:
Alytarchia amanda (Cheetah)
Azygophleps scalaris (Sesbania stem borer)
Coeliades pisistratus (Two-pip policeman)
Crotalaria argyrolobioides

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SpeciesFZ divisionsProvincesContent
abbreviata Baker f.NN
abscondita Welw. ex Baker N,CMc,CImage
aculeata De Wild. subsp. aculeata B,N,W,C,SNw,N,C,Lk,S,WDescription, Image
adamsonii Baker f.N,WNw,N
alemanniana Torre B,WNw
alexandri Baker f.N,W,C,E,SCb,N,C,Lk,SDescription, Image
amoena Welw. ex Baker B,N,WCb,N,C,W
angulicaulis Harms BNw
anisophylla (Hiern) Welw. ex Baker f.C,SLk,SDescription, Image
annua Milne-Redh. N,W,CNw,Cb,N,C
anthyllopsis Welw. ex BakerN,W,C,E,SCb,Lp,N,Mc,E,Lk,SDescription, Image
arcuata Polhill NN
argenteotomentosa R.Wilczek subsp. argentotomentosa NN
argenteotomentosa R.Wilczek subsp. dolosa Polhill NN
argyrolobioides BakerN,WCb,McDescription, Image
axillaris AitonNN
axilliflora Baker f. NLp
axillifloroides R.Wilczek N,WNw,Lp
barkae Schweinf. subsp. barkae B,C,EE,Lk,W
barnabassii Dinter ex Baker f.E,SE,S
basipeta R.Wilczek N,SN,S
baumii Harms BNw,WDescription, Image
becquetii R.Wilczek subsp. turgida Polhill EMcDescription, Image
bemba R.Wilczek N,WCb,Mc
bequaertii Baker f.B,N,W,C,SCb,N,C,Lk,S,W
blanda Polhill NLp
bongensis Baker f. NN
bredoi R.Wilczek NN
calycina SchrankW,SCb,C
campestris Polhill WNw
carsonii Baker f. N,WNw,Lp,N
caudata Welw. ex BakerN,W,CCb,N,Mc,CDescription, Image
cephalotes Steud. ex A.Rich.B,N,W,C,E,SNw,N,Mc,E,C,S,WDescription, Image
chirindae Baker f.EE
chrysochlora Baker f. ex HarmsWNw
chrysotricha Polhill NN,C
cistoides Welw. ex Baker subsp. cistoides [NrEnd]B,WNwDescription
cistoides Welw. ex Baker subsp. orientalis Polhill [NrEnd]NN,McDescription
cleomifolia Welw. ex BakerN,W,ECb,N,Mc,EDescription, Image
comosa BakerN,W,E,SNw,N,E,CDescription, Image
confertiflora Polhill NN
cornetii Taub. & Dewèvre [NrEnd]N,W,CCb,Mc,CDescription, Image
crebra Polhill WNw
criniramea Baker f. ex Polhill[VU]WNw
cuspidata Taub. N,WCb,N
cylindrocarpa DC. B,N,W,SCb,Lp,C,W
cylindrostachys Welw. ex Baker[LR-lc]C,SMc,Lk,SDescription, Image
debilis Polhill WNw,Cb
decora Polhill NN
densicephala Welw. ex Baker W,CNw,Cb,CDescription, Image
deserticola Taub. ex Baker f.N,W,CCb,N,C
distans Benth. subsp. macaulayae (Baker f.) PolhillW,SNw,C,Lk,S
distans Benth. subsp. macrotropis (Baker f.) PolhillW,CNw,LkDescription, Image
duboisii R.Wilczek subsp. mutica Polhill NN
egregia Polhill NLp,N
elisabethae Baker f. N,W,CNw,N,C
ephemera Polhill N,WCb,N
eurycalyx Polhill NLp
filicaulis Welw. ex Baker var. filicaulis B,N,W,C,ECb,N,E,C,Lk,WDescription, Image
filicaulis Welw. ex Baker var. grandiflora Polhill NN
flavicarinata Baker f.B,W,SCb,S,WDescription, Image
florida Welw. ex Baker var. congolensis (Baker f.) R.Wilczek WCb
florida Welw. ex Baker var. florida B,N,W,CCb,N,C,W
florida Welw. ex Baker var. monosperma (De Wild.) R.Wilczek NN
friesii I. Verd.C,SC,Lk,S
gamwelliae Baker f. N,CN,C
germainii Wilczek B,W,SCb,S,W
glauca Willd.B,N,W,C,SNw,Cb,N,Mc,C,Lk,WDescription, Image
glaucifolia BakerN,W,C,ENw,N,E,C
goetzei HarmsN,EN,McDescription, Image
goreensis Guill. & Perr.[LR-lc]B,N,W,C,E,SCb,Lp,E,Lk,S,WDescription, Image
graminicola Baker f. N,W,CNw,N,E,Lk,W
grandistipulata HarmsB,N,W,CMc,C,W
huillensis Taub. subsp. zambesiaca PolhillBW
incana L. subsp. purpurascens (Lam.) Milne-Redh.NNDescription, Image
involutifolia Polhill [LR-lc]N,WNw,N,Mc,CDescription, Image
ionoptera Polhill B,WNw,W
juncea L.W,C,E,SCb,E,Lk,SDescription, Image
kambolensis Baker f. N,WNw,N
kapiriensis De Wild.W,C,SCb,Lk,W
kerkvoordei R.Wilczek NLp
kipandensis Baker f.W,C,E,SNw,E,Lk,SDescription, Image
kipilaensis Wilczek N,W,CCb,N,C
kuiririensis Baker f.B,W,CNw,Cb,C
kwengeensis R.Wilczek var. kwengeensis WNw
kwengeensis R.Wilczek var. parviflora Polhill WNw
laburnifolia L. subsp. laburnifolia N,E,SMc,E,Lk,SDescription, Image
lachnocarpoides Engl.[LR-lc]N,EN,McDescription, Image
lachnophora A. Rich.[LR-lc]N,W,C,E,SCb,N,Mc,E,C,Lk,SDescription, Image
lanceolata E. Mey. subsp. prognatha PolhillC,E,SE,C,Lk,S
lasiocarpa Polhill NN
laxiflora Baker var. acuta Polhill NN
laxiflora Baker var. laxiflora NN
lepidissima Baker f. N,WNw,N
leptoclada Harms var. leptoclada B,N,WNw,N,C,W
limosa Polhill W
lukafuensis De Wild. [LR-lc]N,WNw,McDescription, Image
microcarpa Hochst. ex Benth.[LR-lc]B,C,E,SE,Lk,S,WDescription, Image
microthamnus Robyns ex R.Wilczek NLp,N
minutissima Baker f. N,WNw,N,C
miranda Milne-Redh. NN
modesta Polhill N,CN,C
morumbensis Baker f. W,C,ECb,E,C
natalitia Meisn. var. natalitia [LR-lc]N,W,C,E,SCb,N,E,C,Lk,SDescription, Image
natalitia Meisn. var. rutshuruensis De Wild.EMcDescription, Image
nigricans Baker var. nigricans N,W,CCb,N,CDescription, Image
nigricans Baker var. erecta Milne-Redh. WNwDescription
nuda Polhill [End][LR-nt]N,W,CCb,Mc,C,LkDescription, Image
nudiflora Polhill [DD]NLp,N
nyikensis Baker NN
occidentalis Hepper NLp
ochroleuca G. DonB,N,W,C,E,SCb,N,Mc,E,C,S,WDescription, Image
ononoides Benth. N,W,C,SNw,N,C,Lk,SDescription, Image
onusta Polhill NN
orthoclada Welw. ex Baker N,WNw,N
pallida Aiton var. pallida N,W,CCb,N,WDescription, Image
pallida Aiton var. obovata (G. Don) PolhillN,WCb,N
pallidicaulis Harms[LR-lc]W,C,SCb,C,Lk,SDescription, Image
parvula Welw. ex Baker N,WCb,N
passerinoides Taub. NN
peregrina Polhill NN
pisicarpa Welw. ex BakerSS
platysepala Harv.B,SS,W
podocarpa DC.B,SS,WDescription, Image
polysperma KotschySS
polytricha Polhill [DD]WCb
praetexta Polhill N,W,CNw,Cb,Lp,C
prittwitzii Baker f. NN
prolongata Baker B,N,W,ENw,N,E
pseudodiloloensis R.Wilczek NN,Mc
pseudotenuirama Torre B,N,W,C,E,SCb,N,E,C,S,W
pygmaea Polhill NLp,Mc
quangensis Taub. var. malangensis (Baker f.) Polhill WNw
quangensis Taub. var. quangensis WNw
quarrei Baker f. var. longipes Polhill NN
quarrei Baker f. var. quarrei N,W,SCb,N,C,Lk
recta Steud. ex A. Rich.N,W,CNw,N,LkDescription, Image
reptans Taub.C,E,SLk,S
reptans- intermediates with pisicarpa
rhodesiae Baker f.N,C,SLp,Lk,SDescription, Image
ringoetii Baker f.[LR-lc]N,W,C,ECb,N,Mc,E,CDescription, Image
rogersii Baker f.B,N,W,C,E,SCb,N,E,Lk,S,WDescription, Image
senegalensis (Pers.) Bacle ex DC.N,C,EN,E,CDescription, Image
sertulifera Taub. N,W,SCb,Lp,C
shirensis (Baker f.) Milne-Redh.[LR-lc]N,W,C,ECb,N,E,LkDescription, Image
simoma Polhill [VU]NN
sp. A NN
sparsifolia BakerN,W,C,E,SCb,N,E,C,Lk,S
spartea BakerN,WNw,N
sphaerocarpa Perr. ex DC. subsp. sphaerocarpa [LR-lc]B,C,E,SMc,E,C,S,WDescription, Image
spinosa Hochst. ex Benth.N,W,C,SN,Lk,S
stenoptera Welw. ex Baker BNw
steudneri Schweinf.B,C,E,SE,Lk,S,WDescription, Image
streptorrhyncha Milne-Redh. [NrEnd]WNwDescription, Image
subcaespitosa Polhill EMc
subcapitata De Wild. var. subcapitata N,W,CCb,Mc,C
subcapitata De Wild. var. fwamboensis (Baker f.) Polhill NN
subtilis Polhill NN
sylvicola Baker f. WNw
tabularis Baker f.EMc
tenuipedicellata Baker f. N,WCb,N
tenuirama Welw. ex Baker N,WCb,N
teretifolia Milne-Redh.N,W,CNw,N,C
trinervia Polhill [VU]WNw
tristis Polhill [DD]NN
ulbrichiana HarmsSS
umbellifera R.E.Fr. [LR-lc]N,WNw,N
unicaulis Bullock N,WNw,N
valida BakerN,EN,McDescription, Image
vandenbrandii R.Wilczek NN
vanmeelii R.Wilczek [DD]NN
variegata Welw. ex BakerB,N,W,C,E,SNw,N,E,C,Lk,S,WDescription, Image
virgulata Klotzsch[Agg]N,Mc,E,Lk,S
virgulata Klotzsch subsp. pauciflora (Baker) Polhill N,EN,Mc
virgulata Klotzsch subsp. virgulata C,E,SE,Lk,SDescription

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