Leaves (or leaflets in compound leaves) with toothed margin

The following is a list of native or naturalised species which, at least some of the time, possess this spot-character.

The margin may be serrate, crenate or dentate but not lobed.

Aphloiaceae Aphloia theiformis
Asteraceae Solanecio mannii
Burseraceae Commiphora ugogensis
Celastraceae Catha edulis
Euphorbiaceae Ricinus communis var. communis
Gelsemiaceae Mostuea brunonis var. brunonis
Gentianaceae Anthocleista grandiflora
Iteaceae Choristylis rhamnoides
Kirkiaceae Kirkia acuminata
Lamiaceae Karomia tettensis
Malvaceae Abelmoschus esculentus
Malvaceae Hibiscus allenii
Malvaceae Hibiscus articulatus
Malvaceae Hibiscus cannabinus
Malvaceae Hibiscus diversifolius subsp. rivularis
Malvaceae Hibiscus dongolensis
Malvaceae Hibiscus ludwigii
Malvaceae Hibiscus mastersianus
Malvaceae Hibiscus meeusei
Malvaceae Hibiscus micranthus
Malvaceae Hibiscus mutatus
Malvaceae Hibiscus ovalifolius
Malvaceae Hibiscus panduriformis
Malvaceae Hibiscus physaloides
Malvaceae Hibiscus praeteritus
Malvaceae Hibiscus rhabdotospermus
Malvaceae Hibiscus rhodanthus
Malvaceae Hibiscus schinzii
Malvaceae Hibiscus seineri
Malvaceae Hibiscus shirensis
Malvaceae Hibiscus sidiformis
Malvaceae Hibiscus vitifolius subsp. vitifolius
Malvaceae Kosteletzkya adoensis
Malvaceae Kosteletzkya buettneri
Myrsinaceae Embelia upembensis
Myrsinaceae Embelia xylocarpa
Myrsinaceae Maesa lanceolata
Myrsinaceae Myrsine africana
Ochnaceae Ochna afzelioides
Ochnaceae Ochna arenaria
Ochnaceae Ochna cinnabarina
Ochnaceae Ochna confusa
Ochnaceae Ochna gambleoides
Ochnaceae Ochna holstii
Ochnaceae Ochna leptoclada
Ochnaceae Ochna macrocalyx
Ochnaceae Ochna puberula
Ochnaceae Ochna pulchra subsp. pulchra
Ochnaceae Ochna pygmaea
Ochnaceae Ochna richardsiae
Ochnaceae Ochna schweinfurthiana
Ochnaceae Sauvagesia erecta
Passifloraceae Paropsia brazzeana
Rhamnaceae Rhamnus prinoides
Rhamnaceae Scutia myrtina
Salicaceae Flacourtia indica
Salicaceae Oncoba spinosa
Scrophulariaceae Buddleja salviifolia
Stilbaceae Nuxia congesta
Stilbaceae Nuxia floribunda
Stilbaceae Nuxia oppositifolia
Violaceae Viola abyssinica
Vitaceae Ampelocissus africana var. africana
Vitaceae Ampelocissus obtusata subsp. kirkiana
Vitaceae Cayratia gracilis
Vitaceae Cayratia ibuensis
Vitaceae Cissus cornifolia
Vitaceae Cissus grisea
Vitaceae Cissus integrifolia
Vitaceae Cissus petiolata
Vitaceae Cissus producta
Vitaceae Cissus quadrangularis
Vitaceae Cissus trothae
Vitaceae Cissus welwitschii
Vitaceae Rhoicissus tridentata
Number of species: 75

Copyright: Mike Bingham, Annette Willemen, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Mark Hyde, 2011-18

Bingham, M.G., Willemen, A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. and Hyde, M.A. (2018). Flora of Zambia: List of species with each spot-character: Leaves (or leaflets in compound leaves) with toothed margin.
https://www.zambiaflora.com/speciesdata/species-spot-display.php?species_id=750, retrieved 22 March 2018

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