Spermatophyta: Monocotyledonae: Poales

Poaceae - Grass family


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Description of the family

Annual or perennial herbs, rarely woody, often with rhizomes or stolons. Culms usually cylindric, usually hollow but solid at the nodes. Leaves: alternate, 2-ranked, simple, consisting of sheath, ligule and lamina; sheath surrounding the stem, usually open; ligule usually present at junction of sheath and lamina, membranous, a row of hairs or 0; lamina linear to filiform, rarely lanceolate or ovate. Inflorescence consisting of numerous spikelets arranged in a spike, raceme or panicle. The basic unit of the inflorescence is the spikelet, consisting of a number of florets arranged distichously along an axis (rhachilla). At the base of the spikelet are 2 (rarely 0, 1 or more than 2) empty bracts (glumes). Each floret is enclosed within an outer bract (lemma) and an inner bracteole (palea). The palea is usually membranous and 2-keeled, the lemma is usually tougher and often awned. The lemma, palea and flowering parts are together called the floret. Flowers usually bisexual, but sometimes unisexual. Perianth represented by 2(–3) minute hyaline fleshy scales (lodicules). The base of the spikelet or floret may have a horny prolongation downwards (callus). Stamens (1-)3(-6); anthers versatile. Ovary superior, 1-locular with 1 ovule often attached to the adaxial side of the loculus, to a point or line visible in fruit as the hilum. Styles (1-)2(-3), generally with plumose stigmas. Fruit 1-seeded, usually a caryopsis, rarely with seed free from the pericarp.

Worldwide: 668 genera and 9,500 species, cosmopolitan, but especially tropical and northern temperate sub-arid areas.

Zambia: 144 genera and 644 taxa.

Insects associated with this family:

Acraea johnstoni (Johnston's acraea)
Bicyclus safitza (Common bush brown)
Bicyclus safitza (Common bush brown (dry season form))
Borbo borbonica (Olive-haired swift)
Melanitis leda (Common evening brown, Twilight brown)
Utetheisa pulchella (Crimson-speckled footman)
Ypthimomorpha itonia (Marsh ringlet)
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Acrachne Wight & Arn. ex Chiov.Description
Acritochaete Pilg.Description
Acroceras StapfDescription
Agrostis L.Description
Alloteropsis C. PreslDescription
Anadelphia Hack.Description
Andropogon L.Description
Andropterum StapfDescription
Anthephora Schreb.Description
Aristida L.Description, Image
Arthraxon P. Beauv.Description
Arundinella RaddiDescription
Axonopus P. Beauv.Description
Bewsia Gooss.Description
Bothriochloa KuntzeDescription
Brachiaria (Trin.) Griseb.Description
Brachyachne (Benth.) StapfDescription
Brachypodium P. Beauv.Description
Bromuniola Stapf & C.E. Hubb.Description
Capillipedium StapfDescription
Cenchrus L.Description
Chasmopodium StapfDescription
Chloris Sw.Description, Image
Chrysochloa SwallenDescription
Chrysopogon Trin.Description
Cleistachne Benth.Description
Coelachne R. Br.Description
Coelorachis Brongn.Description
Craspedorhachis Benth.Description
Ctenium Panz.Description
Cymbopogon Spreng.Description
Cynodon Rich.Description, Image
Dactyloctenium Willd.Description
Danthoniopsis StapfDescription
Dichanthium WillemetDescription
Digitaria HallerDescription
Diheteropogon (Hack.) StapfDescription
Dinebra Jacq.Description, Image
Eccoptocarpha LaunertDescription
Echinochloa P. Beauv.Description
Eleusine Gaertn.Description
Elionurus Kunth ex Willd.Description
Elymandra StapfDescription
Elytrophorus P. Beauv.Description
Enneapogon Desv. ex P. Beauv.Description
Enteropogon NeesDescription, Image
Entolasia StapfDescription
Eragrostis WolfDescription
Eriochloa KunthDescription
Eriochrysis P. Beauv.Description, Image
Euclasta Franch.Description
Eulalia KunthDescription
Eustachys Desv.Description
Exotheca AnderssonDescription
Festuca L.Description
Gilgiochloa Pilg.Description
Habrochloa C.E. Hubb.Description
Hackelochloa KuntzeDescription
Harpachne Hochst. ex A. Rich.Description
Harpochloa KunthDescription
Hemarthria R.Br.Description
Heteranthoecia StapfDescription
Heteropholis C.E. Hubb.Description
Heteropogon Pers.Description, Image
Homozeugos StapfDescription
Hubbardochloa AuquierDescription
Hydrothauma C.E. Hubb.Description
Hylebates Chippind.Description
Hyparrhenia Fourn.Description
Hyperthelia ClaytonDescription
Imperata CirilloDescription
Isachne R. Br.Description
Ischaemum L.Description, Image
Kampochloa ClaytonDescription
Koeleria Pers.Description
Leersia Sw.Description
Leptocarydion StapfDescription
Leptochloa P. Beauv.Description
Lophacme StapfDescription
Loudetia Steud.Description
Loxodera LaunertDescription
Megaloprotachne C.E. Hubb.Description
Megastachya P. Beauv.Description
Melinis P. Beauv.Description
Microchloa R.Br.Description
Miscanthus AnderssonDescription
Monocymbium StapfDescription
Nematopoa C.E. Hubb.Description
Odyssea StapfDescription
Olyra L.Description
Oplismenus P. Beauv.Description
Oreobambos K.Schum.Description
Orthoclada P. Beauv.Description
Oryza L.Description
Oryzidium C.E. Hubb. & Schweick.Description
Oxyrhachis Pilg.Description
Oxytenanthera MunroDescription
Panicum L.Description
Paratheria Griseb.Description
Paspalidium StapfDescription
Paspalum L.Description
Perotis AitonDescription
Phacelurus Griseb.Description
Phalaris L.Description, Image
Phragmites Adans.Description
Phyllorachis TrimenDescription
Poa L.Description
Poecilostachys Hack.Description
Pogonarthria StapfDescription
Pogonochloa C.E. Hubb.Description
Pseudechinolaena StapfDescription
Pseudobromus K. Schum.Description
Rhytachne Desv. ex Ham.Description
Richardsiella Elffers & Kenn.-O'Byrne Description
Rottboellia L.f.Description
Saccharum L.Description
Sacciolepis NashDescription
Sartidia De WinterDescription
Schizachyrium NeesDescription
Schmidtia Steud. ex J.A. SchmidtDescription
Sehima Forssk.Description
Setaria P. Beauv.Description, Image
Sorghastrum NashDescription
Sorghum MoenchDescription
Sporobolus R. Br.Description
Stereochlaena Hack.Description
Stipagrostis NeesDescription
Streblochaete Pilg.Description
Thelepogon Roem. & Schult.Description
Themeda Forssk.Description
Trachypogon NeesDescription, Image
Tragus HallerDescription
Tricholaena Schrad. ex Schult. & Schult. f.Description
Trichoneura AnderssonDescription
Trichopteryx NeesDescription
Tripogon Roem. & Schult.Description
Triraphis R. Br.Description
Trisetopsis Röser & Wölk, A.Description
Tristachya NeesDescription
Urelytrum Hack.Description
Urochloa P. Beauv.Description, Image
Vossia Wall. & Griff.Description
Willkommia Hack.Description
Zonotriche (C.E. Hubb.) J.B. PhippsDescription

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